Product Marketing Manifesto

The 7 essential principles guiding the product marketing practice all over the world.

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The 7 principles of product marketing.

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Always put the customer first.

Product Marketing Managers are, and always should be, customer-centric. We value the voice of the customer, and are proud to advocate for their wants, needs, and pain points. It’s our responsibility to make them feel heard, so always find time to speak to your customers. 

Principle 2 Principle 2

Collaborate and communicate early and often.

Without the support of all departments within our businesses, we would - and will - never be able to reach our full potential. Be a team player. Every aspect of the business is valuable, and should be treated as such. 

Principle 3 Principle 3

Set OKRs and advocate your success.

Every project we work on within a company should have its own objective, which then aligns with overarching company objectives. Without them, how do you know if you’ve succeeded in what you set out to achieve? And, how do you ensure the project aligns with what your company stands for?

Principle 4 Principle 4

Balance strategy with tactics.

Understand the difference between strategy and tactics, and always ensure the tactics (the actions you undertake to achieve the plan or goal) align to the strategy (the plan or goal you create to achieve).

Principle 5 Principle 5

Never stop growing - personally and professionally.

Never stop aspiring for personal growth, either. The product marketing career ladder is exciting - more Directors and VPs of PMM are entering the C-suite in CSO, CPO, and CMO roles. The product marketing world is your oyster.

Principle 6 Principle 6

Own it and ensure people know what you do.

The role of a product marketing manager is very varied, so make sure you know it inside out and backwards. From positioning and messaging, to personas, and segmentation, there are a lot of staple and high priority responsibilities for product marketers to take on. 

Principle 7 Principle 7

Make the complex comprehensible.

And last, but never least, an important part of the product marketing role is taking huge amounts of complex and technical information and distilling it down into clear and easy to understand concepts. 

Sign the manifesto.

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